My annual pilgrimage to the Scottish Mecca...Amsterdam to Fearn






Strong winds had the King of the Seaways keeled over for most of the 16 hour passage





Newcastle ... you get off the it to Newcastle central station and with 2 hours to kill you coffee it up at the station pub ... and you grab a 4-pack for the rail






North Cadboll ... this land owned by the Glenmorangie Distillery adjacent to my parents place.






Cadboll, from me mum and dads backyard












Mansfeld Castle in Tain... home for the next week







Guess I best head downstairs  for my tea and crumpets












Village of Tain









Breakfast at the Castle





A Highlanders breakfast











Portmohamack, only West facing village on the East side of Scotland






Rockfield ... Scotland raw





Somebody bought the ruins to an old 14th century lookout post and rebuilt it into probably the ugliest castle in Scotland




When we were kids we used to hang around the original old ruins of the structure



Surprised it was even possible to rebuild it




Meanwhile, Back at the Mansfeld .. a bunch of ghosts are whooping it up..



I'm starting to feel like the Omega Man...where the hell is everybody ...







Out for an early morning walk in Tain ... and watching out for werewolves ...







Christmas Day at Crosswinds


































































































The Mansfeld in HDR glory.



Off to Istanbul, Turkey