Darlingtonia Californica



The Cobra Lily... A rare carnivorous plant we are finding in bog patches here in Northern Cali...I feel kinda bad running them over with the 4 wheeler but hey...what am I gonna do...they grew in my way. This plant was first discovered in 1841 right here near our Cadastral project. Bugs checking into the pitcher of the plant get trapped and consumed through symbiotic bacteria breaking down the organic material. The bog is highly nitrogen deficient...so a fly or two helps these buggers look like they do.



Here's part of the project area....that's Mt. Shasta there in the background at around 14,179 in ele...Last erupted some 200 years ago.


Replaced an old BT tag with a new one...1966 location tag being  devoured over the course of a few years.


Lodge Pine and a 40 year old scribing.


Following in the footsteps of a surveyor is sure easy when they leave you these kind of clues.


Surveyor/Naturalist is all fun and games until they decide to urinate on ya. This little guy or gal is a Northern Pacific Tree Frog (Pseudacris Regilla)