Two round trip tickets to Windhoek, Namibia from Portland, Oregon. 9 separate flights courtesy of Alaska Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and British Airways.






First leg to Sunny Southern California, just in time for the NFL Play Off game.







Got 8 hours to kill in Hong Kong.  Here's the city  from Victoria Peak...took the tram up....and hiked back down.





















Stumbled across the Hard Rock..... its where all the spies get their work done.







Our Man Johnny Li







Dads Pub ... the Queen Vic ... okay, 8 hours up...back to the Airport








Prob one of my last rides on the 747 unfortunately as they are being phased out for more fuel efficient 777's. Rode in the very first commercial 747 back in 1970...









As long as its one of the last rides we may as well do it up in style... This is what 140,000 airlines miles can get you....







Roundtrip Ticket from Portland Oregon to Windhoek, Namibia comprising 9 flights in mostly in First class...








There are many many tricks in accumulating airline miles. For example Alaska Airlines has a 20 minute bag guarantee. If your bags are late at the carousel by over 20 minutes you receive 2000 miles ...well I just get used to timing it every time...and ask to collect the award...whether its 20 minutes or not... 

Here's another  useful site















A Slumber Party


















A380 in Johannesburg