Bldg 562




Profiling 3.5 miles of CL of 3 runways in Kodiak  ...10 ft. shot at a time


















Here's the source of the voices in my head








One of the Safety officers was telling us about this one building hidden in the brush on the north side of the airport that was central to a U.S. classified program that built and assembled Torpedoes with nuclear bombs attached. I found a little info online and decided to go check it out. Here's an aerial photo from 1956. All those revetments near bldg 562 are all overgrown now with vegetation.




Entrance to Building 562. There used to be four watch towers in the corners but gone today.







Gantry's for moving the nuclear tipped torpedoes














The steel doors have been welded shut so I shot a few photos through the bars








Torpedo Assembly area on the right and the loo on the left






Shop Number 2








Torpedo Storage area






Here's the front of similar torpedo ...




... and here's your Nuke ... just bolt it right onto the torpedo or anything for that matter ... it is a nuclear bomb after all ...just  throw it in a skiff, start up the Johnson outboard and let her rip















Eagles nest close by the building









She didn't care for my presence