You ever see the movie "Up?" ... with George Clooney? ... I sorta live  the airliner frequent flier mile game from that movie ... 500 miles here, a thousand miles Thursday in February I was checking how many frequent flier miles I had accumulated and where could they take me...I had a slow March...   Namibia looked like  a good target , First class all the way, Cathay Pacific...with a two day break in Hong Kong all for the price of $140.  The next day I had the tickets and the day after that I was on the plane. That's how I planned for this gig. 





The Ship







Here it is ... First foocken Class... many extra privileges...but mostly space ...had a great pillow fight with the other 1st class passengers ...even the pilot stepped out of the cockpit to join in and asked if I'd care to fly the plane ...I said "sure...I'll give it a go ..."






Now this isn't normally part of my average diet ... Black Russian Sturgeon Caviar ... its the opposed to that salmon caviar crap they're serving in Business class. This caviar here is accompanied by a delightfully raw and generous portion of sashimi that was shipped over from Japan two months ago in a refrigerated container that's power supply had short circuited out I'm sure. 

I wanted to steal the little tiny bottle of Balsamic vinaigrette so when I find myself stuck in some honey bucket shack in West  Alaska in a few months time I could pull it out and pour it on my Stink Fish and know that I am civilized.

The individually wrapped half lemons with a squeeze net is a nice attention to detail. One time I was flying Turkish Airlines and I was squeezing a lemon on my Seafood Pilaf and Pasta Mezeler and a friggen pit popped out and landed in the fish sauce ... it's just so frustrating.





Well...The Flight attendant from Shanghai who  has Monday through Wednesdays off in Hong Kong has just finished tucking me into bed for the remainder of the flight ...