Daryl's Image Junk and Temp Folder Purge      January 6, 2009

Daryl's Image Junk and Temp Folder Purge      December 23, 2009

J ust Some real Cool Photography

This is What's wrong with America.

The Photographs of Morozov.

The Vincent Dixon Portfolio

2nd Place, 2009 Oregonian  Travel Photo Contest.

Greatest Stunt? Man on Wire.

A Grizzly Bear Attack?

How to Embed Files of any kind inside of JPEG images.

The Aerial Kite photography and sailboat  project.

Bill Sullivans   Works

The  Corey Arnold Portfolio

Nick Koudis  Photography.  

Here's the   featured tutorial of the week. How to Make your Photo, Not a Photo.

This is an Experimental Photography Site so here's an interesting  and unique angle at      animating photographs.  Checkout the Van Gogh Flowers.

Here's a Japanese website on     Light Doodles. A  new photographic art form, with long exposures and a conversion to .AVI from .JPG 

I Bring you the    Moon. Courtesy of Noel C.

Death Valley is about the most desolate place around besides the Moon.

And this weeks featured photo gallery of the week is  Jan Von Holleben's   Dreams of Flying

Here's a     Russian Gallery of impressive underwater shooting and posing of models.



For Something More Serious...