February 28, 2010

























Cool little city...easy to get around...population falls in at around 119,000 or 200,000 if you include the surrounding suburbs















look for this one in








Alafloss Yarn shop ... I don't know nothing about yarn but I think this is might be a knitters mecca















Kronur ...a pint of fine Icelandic Viking lager will cost you 800 kronur...













View out the window is of an old 1950's vintage airport control tower








The Pearl






Shot from the Pearl











This guy was inside the Pearl






















There's the Rental Car ... I showed no ID to rent it... not even a drivers license.. transaction was all done by texting and I walked away from it at the airport leaving the keys in the glove box... 

I highly recommend this company...






This architect designed this church to look similar to the basalt columns found around the island..



Pretty barebones








The American Embassy... Dont stop!..keep moving...





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