Photoblog ..May 31, 2010



$6.39 for a gallon of petrol in Iliamna




This is why it costs so much...air delivery....we have 2 days in Iliamna...a lot of infrastructure here but no people...sorta felt like Charlton Heston in the Omega Man when we first arrived.....





Heading over to Kokhanok for a long day...We have been calling the place Coconut for so long that  it has become really hard to remember how its  actually pronounced.

We use that golf bag case for rods and tripods...keeps it all compact.





7:30 am...get kicked out on an empty runway in Kokhanok and wait hopes my phone call yesterday brings an ATV today......





Russians made their way quite a bit inland ...was surprised to see Russian Orthodox churches this far inland...and rabbits too!






Here eventually is where the fiber optics marine cable will come ashore....










Harry and his wife were kind enough to fly  us back to Iliamna very late that night....good people.



back in Illiamna where we pack up the rest of our stuff and jump on another plane in the a.m. to continue our survey tour ..

a small video clip



The Frontline...  Made it to Igiugig (pronounced: iggy-ug-ig)... base camp...not a bad spot at all...nice and roomy and a truck as well ...but there is less then 3 miles of road





Saturday night

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