Pet 4, Navy Petroleum Reserve boundary survey



Argassy, a $16,000 charter from Fairbanks, nice ride.



Setting up the weatherport



Base Camp Ivotuck, 2 surveyors and a helicopter pilot








Magnavox 1502 Doppler satellite receiver...4 of them..big and heavy and 60 lb batteries to power the receiver. A small plane was chartered to fly the data to  Anchorage for processing before we could monument.

In the back is the Meteor burst communication system...we would type short messages into the lap top and send...might take hours before the message got to Anchorage bouncing off the ionized trails of meteors.




Weatherport comes with running water.....sorta



Party Chief



Data was recorded on cassette tapes




The North South line we were surveying extended from the flats on the North Slope to the peaks of the Brooks Mountains








The we have Topcon GR3's thankfully