Kite Cameras and relation to Sailing Sports


I am about to go on a cruise. Actually a sailing trip....6 of us. Sailing a boat across the Atlantic Ocean. Now during this endeavor I would like to take some airborne photographic shots of the boat or yacht under way, under sail. Most Photos one sees of sailboats are taken from the deck or mast of the boat itself and do not convey the aura of the sailboat in its entirety or glory. If you can lease a helicopter to take those aerial shots then you would get some great ones I am sure but its a rather expensive proposition and logistical complication to set up such photo shoots while under way upon the boat itself. So what we have done is to mount a camera inside a camera pouch and attached to a kite too get those awesome aerial shots for us. Here is the website for the camera setup. Small modifications will be needed to attach the camera itself to the kite rigging, and depending on the wind speed, certain kites would be more or less favorable....because some are designed for higher wind speeds and some for lower wind speeds and they will fly at different angles to the boat or different heights from the boat so to speak.  This camera apparatus can be applied to more than just sailboats as you can imagine.