San Francisco Marathon near Chinatown, You cant beat the scenery




Anchorage Mayors Marathon. Led the field for 6 miles but dropped back and eventually finished in 10th Place



Boston Marathon, was on track for a 2 hour 35 minute finish but Hit the Wall at mile 23 and almost passed out crossing the finish line just under 3 hours, I was a complete wreck






Big Sur International Marathon, Carmel, California



First Race I ever won with my dog





California International Marathon, Sacramento







Honolulu Marathon, I actually came in two minutes ahead of the defending champ as well as Frank Shorter...The Gold Medalist in the 1972 Olympic Marathon...Thank you Frank for the bragging rights


A 10k, one of hundreds, 3rd place I think


The next day I was all cramped up on a long flight out into the bush




California International Marathon, I ran this race 3 times in 3 years...Folsom to Sacramento City center but could never break 2 hours 50 minutes