the job itself is a massive topo and asbuilt for a realignment of the airstrip








Derelict frame houses and whale bones from Sod Houses







Only 76 of these British  Argasseys were ever built ....




Now an unglorified existence as a storage shed. Me and my Wife used one of these back in 1987 to set up a survey camp in ANWR.







Richard, a local guy I hired to help out with the survey. Originally from San Francisco he's lived in Point Hope for over 30 years and has intergrated with the Inupiat Eskimos, speaks the lingo. When he's not picking up these odd jobs he works subsistance...hunting whales and walrus.







The graveyard shift...










Going for mean low low water on the arctic ocean. The extratuffs dont work so good with this task.





Going for mean low low water on the arctic ocean







Weather can sure change in the space of 24 hours











Looking for a section corner...Ahh Ha!







Found the cap





Found a peice of the middle ...






And yes...found the base ... ripped in half ...whatever hit it probably doesn't look so good either










Happy receivers ... ready for the day.





Internet in a suitcase ... would love to have this kit in Namibia   .... its slow but its internet.






Abandoned whaling boat without its skin




an intact sod house ... these were finally abandoned in the late 1970's when the new townsite was built.






Here's the living room ...


Point Hope, return October 2015