Got a small stakeout job on the North Slope between Deadhorse and Pt. Barrow... flying westerly here over the oil patches towards Lonely Camp..







American Oil






Lonely Camp ... comprised of some scientists and  a few workers involved in cleaning up a hazardous waste site from the Cold War years .. an old radar site that used to watch for ICBM's coming over the top.







Wrapped up the Lonely Camp job,  now gotta flap the wings  back to Anchorage to catch the plane for the next gig ..








Graveyard of McDonnell Douglas Product  in Fairbanks ... 







Heading to Buckland ... normally from Anchorage we would fly an Alaska Airlines 737 to Kotzebue and charter a small plane to Buckland...but today we are flying direct  from ANC courtesy of a Qwest Kodiak Utility plane.














State of the Art






Passing over the Alaska range ...  Denali on the right ...