Togiak is a Native fishing village in the Bristol Bay area and sits at the bottom of a rainbow but there is no pot of gold.









A cold wind blowing around 40 mph








Feels like an Orange sorta day







I've seen a lot of sunrises ...but Togiak has the best ones ...









Well this isn't going to be of much use to us ...























Came Across this Mean Ass Dog trying to chase me away ...


















Pink sky in the morning, Sailor take warning

Blood Red sky in the morning ....  Surveyor aint gonna like it








Togiak Public Service announcments




It is the Key ... but having a little trouble with happiness at the moment. The topo job is big 1100 foot wide swathe, 1/2 mile long or more on a ridge. Covered in the most dense tangled impenetrable bushes this side of . 

Couple that with the 35 mile an hour wind...horizontal rain and it just becomes a daunting task...a fight for every endless shot... branches slapping me across the face in one direction and driving rain ripping into me in the other direction. I can barely see the data collector screen with the stinging rain in my eyes which I can barely see anyway as its a Geotec 236.....,With every miserable shot I can only forge forward mostly in an uncontrolled pitiful stumble... , before falling to my knees and dropping my rod to the ground ..... I raise my arms to the gray skies that are trying to extinguish me and I scream into the wind ..  " I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!!!! .... I AM A HUMAN!!" , before falling face forward splat in a muddy rivulet crawling with jiggers. 

Yeah....and the next morning I get up and do it all over again ...








One of the local dogs keeps me company all day long in that labyrinth ... Thanks girl




 much for the miserable weather ....a soul embedding chill has now arrived







After a day like I had to day it is sure good to kick back  and reenergize











Here's how we are getting  out of Togiak to head to another part of the Universe




















To foggy to do a crapshoot over the mountains so we circumvent the land low and slow to our next job in Tuluksak






3 hours.  If you don't have an onboard lavatory then your next best friend is a bag of Lays Potato chips ... its that whole salt and kidney relationship.


















The air charter agents have learned what it means when you tell them you are 2 surveyors with gear.








Still looks pretty small ...








Bethel ... Next gig Ketchikan ... See ya there