Kilbuck Mountains, Alaska



The Nyac project is a large original cadastral survey. 150 section corners to set at there projected positions in the gold rich region of Alaska's Kilbuck mountains.





Me and Ralph have a sort of  contest on building rock mound accessories to the section corner monuments....this one I call "The Eye of Cleo"...because it sounds kinda grand......




Richter 1 





The Finger






Old Style










Ralph says if you have to have a bear encounter it's best to surprise them....

...but I ain't getting on board with that theory....




Our first off liner of the project...an offline witness corner to a standard corner no less...

...and also our first use of what we call the "however" clause from the 2009 manual of survey instructions (2nd paragraph, 4-16, pg 107)

....and here is a 1 minute film of where this particular Witness Corner was set....

The Landing Zone








Was one..





A good use of a moose rack....  bears have attacked the helicopter three nights in a row...chewing up a grate that covers the engine air intake and leaving muddy paw prints on the body... So we rigged up yet another electric fence to surround it....




....seems to be working so far....



Quotes that had me thinking from the past week


"I'm quite proud of my localization"


"...those are not slugs...there birdshot..."


Billy to Ralph  "did you use my body wash?"


"i like to scribe my bearing tree's with a Comic Sans font"


Ralph to Daryl     "...you notice the chopper doesn't have that new car smell anymore? ...Smells more like an old Chevy"

Pilot to Ralph about the helicopter after a quart of oil gets dumped on the back seat and surveying implements scratch the paint...

 "...this isn't a pickup truck..."


The Bearing Tree gallery

The birch tree isn't really a good bearing tree...a little to susceptible to disease...but in the pinch..



Black Spruce ...this tree could be 200 years old or more




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