...here she is up close...no rock out there on that slope is stable..  some of the strangest stuff I've seen...you would think over geologic time the boulders and rocks would have settled or embedded unto themselves... but every step onto any given rock would cause it to roll..... we set the post on a small spot of bedrock and built it up as best we could. My personal criteria for monumentation is can it survive 300 years.













Brian...showing how you remove a magnet from the ground because you inadvertently put 4 accessories on a standard corner that only takes two.






Chuck and Billy




This guy came outa nowhere...he's probably doing a hundred miles per hour here on landing.....we were very worried we parked the helicopter to close when we were getting fuel...I think Ralph was standing under the wing when it passed. This tanker is bringing in supplies and gas for the Gold mine operation.




coming in to set up our GPS base station to find two cubs playing there...Momma really got pissed off and stayed in the landing zone so we went to another area to set the base...





Billy and George... This lanky critter was a tough one to run off... next day it was the lynx that was hanging around





...twice we had to have Mark wind up the chopper to chase off bears that got too close to us....This is the greatest density of bears I've ever worked around in the state...blacks and grizzlies with mixed territory..







I put some black marker on only one side of the scribing to give it the illusion of being embossed instead of cut in...so the inspector gets distracted from the crappy blazing job.



Old Gold Dredge











The Job is Finished



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